Day 3: Starting Again Forever

A friend of mine messaged, telling me how excited she is for this year’s gratitude party. Along with her excitement, she’s hesitant because when she’s done it before, she doesn’t finish the 30 days. I chuckled when I read the second part of her note.

I do this too.

Last year I didn’t do a gratitude party at the blog.  The year before, I posted day one and then never posted again. Many times during these 30-day challenges, I miss a day or make it up or just move on forward. This pattern in me makes me think of a little Benedictine book I love titled, “Always We Begin Again.”  That title sums up how I tend to operate in spite of my very best intentions.

I wonder if the more important thing is finding a way to start again.

Gratitude party isn’t about the 30. It isn’t about perfection. It’s about the small shift in me that comes when I intentionally practice looking for the good. I am training my synapses to notice, doing push-ups for my brain muscles that I want to be awake to this exhilarating thing called life.

Most days, I could use a tune-up. That is what gratitude party is about.

So today, I am starting again. And tomorrow we’ll see. . . but for now, I’m glad we’re here together, searching for gratitude.

Day 2

  • Staying over-night at a dear friend’s house
  • Spicy Chinese food
  • Driving around a neighborhood where I used to live, remembering P90X with a college friend and an earlier time in my life

Day 3 *(Notice how we can do six when we miss a day. . . ahem, when we miss a day.)

  • Hot tea in a tall glass
  • A nice new orange pen
  • My green knitted stocking cap

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Starting Again Forever”

  1. Thanks for the party! I started on day 3 and wrote out all three days at once. I too, often start again! It was fun and challenging to think back over what happened in past few days. Here’s just a few:
    Connecting with an old friend
    My son’s excitement, “you’ll be so amazed!”
    Warmth- sweatpants, slippers, and space heaters
    I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  2. I appreciate you!! I really needed a reset because of all the stress at work, I can get so caught up in the problems, it’s a good reminder of the many things we have to celebrate!
    Aunt Rita


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