Wildly Enough

As kids, my sister and I would tuck our lanky little girl legs under the silage feed line edges to play in the cow pasture.  It was a place beyond our normal yard, a place for adventure.  We walked along the crick and pretended the rocks were our tables.  We were detectives in search of glass bottles and old metal cans. We pretended like mad, and the being outside and the being together–it was all so simple.  It was enough. 

The cattle probably thought we were crazy, but we loved it.

And not that we can go back to that simpler time, but when was the last time we all looked around and soaked in the simple stuff, said thanks and realized–it’s enough?

It’s all wildly enough.

Today is my last post for the 2019 gratitude party.  Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of the Diane Harpster Art Calendar and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. So maybe the way to end is the way we began–saying thanks.  Thanks for the time together with words. In a way this blog is like my grown up cow pasture, a place to adventure around and be myself with friends who like to use their imaginations too.

Thanks for hanging out till the end and reading along. It means so very much to me.

Gratitude Dare

  • Do something that childhood you used to love. Dare to spend time “wasting” it, saying thanks.

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