Grateful for the Believers, a Guest Post by Kate Bolz

Today is one of my favorite days each month, book club! Food, friends, book talk. . . this might just be my gratitude Graceland. I am so thankful for Kate. At nearly every book club, after it feels like we’ve exhausted the discussion, Kate says something wise and insightful, something that makes me better, and spurs action toward serving others. I love having people like that in my life. Today, and especially every book club day, I’m thankful for Kate Bolz. – Evi


Today, I am grateful for the world’s true believers.

Here’s why:

I recently decided to run for public office.

For some people running for office is a career move, for others a performance on a political stage, for others a reach for power.

For me, deciding to run for office has been a leap of faith. As a social worker with small town roots, I don’t have the connections that some politicians do.

I do have heart and belief that public service is another way to be of use to my community and to live the values of caring for our neighbors and loving one another that I learned in a church pew.

So putting my name out to the world is a leap of faith that my beliefs will be reflected back to me.

So…deep breath…and say it out loud: I believe – in Democracy, in fairness, in access to health care and in the good ol’ USA. Then ask others if they believe too. Repeat for 16 months.

It’s a hard time to jump in. Has public life ever been quite so ugly?

But the chorus of believers has been music to my ears.

People are encouraging and kind, hopeful and helpful.

People pick up my belief with me when it gets heavy.

People show their belief with contributions and greeting cards.

People proclaim fiercely their belief in policies that protect human rights and the right to make a living farming.

It’s a congregation of sorts, a choir of a kind. It’s more than just believing in me, it is also keeping lights of hope and a better world alive.

Truthfully, it’s an odd system: one that is inextricably tied to campaign contributions. It may not be the fairest system, but it does put power in the hands of true believers.

So today I am grateful for the believers, for the fierce believers who fight, for the believers who say yes, for the believers that write postcards and knock on doors, for the believers that light their candles and hold them up so others can see what’s in their hearts.

To the believers like you, reader, who believe in a better brighter world, show it in your thoughts, words and deeds, and express gratitude for the beauty that comes back to you – I say thank you.

  • Gratitude challenge: Give away your belief today by giving time or treasure or by lighting someone else’s candle with your own.

1 thought on “Grateful for the Believers, a Guest Post by Kate Bolz”

  1. Dear Kate, I am so glad you are running for office! You have a powerful message and a heart for what is good and true! Melissa


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