Gratitude Gal Giveaway: Diane Harpster Art Calendar!

Here’s a picture of the calendar cover. Thanks again Diane!

Diane Harpster is a Nebraska artist friend of mine. Like me, she loves color and quotes. This year’s gratitude party giveaway is a wall calendar of her art . To enter to win, comment here on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter with one-three gratitudes. You can also send them in a direct message or an e-mail.

Thank you so much Diane for sharing your gift! Check out all of Diane’s awesome watercolor/ink drawings at her website. I love this quote she shares there. I hope it gets you inspired to bring something unique and beautiful to the world today.

We are all artists with something unique and beautiful that only we can bring to the world.  The joy comes in honoring and nurturing and sharing whatever that is. Our ability to create is all gift from God our Creator.

Diane Harpster

14 thoughts on “Gratitude Gal Giveaway: Diane Harpster Art Calendar!”

  1. I am grateful for my family that unconditionally supports and loves me even when I’m not too lovable. I am grateful for a community that embraces and encourages people who need additional support in their lives, especially our Community Food Pantry and Emergency Services located at my church. I am grateful for those in the educational system who see the beauty in all children and work to ensure that each child reaches their fullest potential. I am grateful for the opportunities to serve, share and support all those who come into my life.


  2. Thoughts and prayers for you, Carol. Hope all is going well as you recovery from surgery. You are a special lady in my life.


  3. I’m thankful to live where I can experience all four seasons (and sometime in a week’s time or less!).

    I’m thankful for a wonderful church family who is more of a family to me than my own family.

    I’m thankful for all that Jesus did for humanity to bring us back into relationship with our Heavenly Father.


  4. I am grateful for my sisters in Christ that are helping me get thru my recent surgery. Also I am grateful for my family and all that we have gone through this year. Everyone’s love, prayers and support reminds me that I am a precious child of God.


  5. I am grateful for relationships. Those that make my world go round and those just waiting ’round the bend. God created us for community and as hard as relationships can sometimes be, there’s nothing more wonderful than knowing another person’s heart.


  6. I am grateful for a family full of sisters and an amazing mom and dad who raised each of us, as well as the time we get to spend together. I am grateful for the sweet little girls that God has entrusted us to raise to follow in His ways. I am thankful for my husband who is with me always and every step of the way as we navigate life together.


  7. Gratitude is that special medicine that helps us to see God’s light in everything even in the darkness.
    Grateful for our grandchildren’s laughter.
    Grateful for tractor humming, cattle mooing in the crisp air.
    Grateful for the life and health of Jamie, who will celebrate tomorrow the complete success of a bone morrow transplant…Ring the Bell!


  8. I am grateful for the many wonderful women in Nebraska I have met and worked with during my term as NSWO (Nebraska Synodical Women’s Organization) of the ELCA president from 2015-2019. They supported me with friendly smiles, special projects, welcoming meetings, beautiful decorations, spiritual lessons, delicious food, and willing service. What a great organization of God loving ladies we have in Nebraska and across the entire organization of the Women of the ELCA! It is wonderful to see them all in action!


  9. I am grateful for those who whom have come in and out of my life and have encouraged my faith. I have grown spiritually, and feel, well, that I’m just doing Gods work. I have been so fortunate to have met some pretty amazing people!


  10. I am thankful for Star Wars I’m sick days, a baby whose mood turns around with a few bites of cereal, and warm weather to battle too-soon winter blues.


  11. I am grateful for surviving Breast Cancer. I knew God was by my side through the whole journey. I am grateful for the many family and friends who walk by my side each day showing God’s light. I am grateful for nature, home, music, and Gods word to guide my life.


  12. I am grateful for the amazing school I teach in, my family who supports me without fail and the beautiful sunrise this morning that reminded me that today is a new day full of new possibilities! Thank you so much for this blog, it’s made me slow down and really reflect on myself!


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