What’s One Thing You’re Thankful For?

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

Willie Nelson

“So kids, before I kiss you good night, tell me one thing you’re thankful for,” I say as I stand in the glow of the doorway, half in and half out.

“Family,” Charli says, smiling.

“Cheese,” Oliver says, smiling bigger.

“Both fantastic answers,” I think as I kiss her little blonde head, and as I wrestle his little giggling face back out from hiding under his covers. “Gotcha!” I say as he wipes his cheek off, smiling.

Two kisses.

Lights out.

Another day of thanks.

Gratitude Dare

  • Ask someone what they’re thankful for. . . especially kids. If you’re a teacher, pass out notecards and have students write three things and share them out loud. It’ll change the room.

3 thoughts on “What’s One Thing You’re Thankful For?”

  1. Work. Having a job. A career. And my ability to use the fruits of that for my family, my church, and missions in this world. I’ve been blessed to be a blessing. Sometimes I forget that and take it all for granted. I’m grateful today for my job.


  2. Bless their sweet hearts! Love those kiddos of yours! I started this practice with my now 8th grade TeamMate three years ago and before we dig into a game or craft project each week, we share what we’re thankful for. She has a tough life. But, now, she’s quick to remind me when I forget to do it as she can’t wait to share her gratitude!


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