Today is a Gift (Day 25: Cool Stuff from Frances)

THANK YOU Frances for creating this Bible Journaling page as part of the 30-day Gratitude challenge!  The work is beautiful, it makes me think, and it inspires thanks–three of my favorite things all happening at the same time.

I first met the artist, (the amazing) Frances, at a retreat hosted by (the also amazing) Deidra Riggs.  Or I guess I should say I met her art.  Her last name is Patterson, but in my mind she’s just Frances, like Cher or Oprah or something. 

Frances created the decor for Deidra’s event, and I was struck by the seemingly inexpensive art media that came together in a way that was beautiful and valuable.  Before Frances was thanked publicly in the event, I kept wondering, who made all this cool stuff?  

I don’t know Frances that well in real life, but to “friend” her on social media is a blessing; she’s one of my positive reasons to stay in the stream.  Her quirky way of creating things, reflecting on being a caregiver, and playing in the creation space all inspire me.  If you enjoy her stuff like I do, check out my favorite lighthearted blog post of hers where she encourages us all to take lots of pictures.  You’ll be glad you did.  


 P.S. Calling all cool people (yes, that’s you).  Amazing Deidra is having another retreat this April in Lincoln.  I will be there for the 22nd and hopefully the 21st too (fingers crossed).  At both of her former retreats I’ve been inspired, and the the people singing with hands in the air were welcoming to the Lutheran gals swaying happily in the back with hands in their pockets. 🙂  Click below for more info.  I would love to connect with you there! 

2 thoughts on “Today is a Gift (Day 25: Cool Stuff from Frances)”

  1. I'm seriously late to actually comment on this! I was sortof focused on my missions trip and being sick in January. But I was following your series and so excited to be on your blog! Thank you! I did not expect all the kind words and especially the part about being a first name on par with Oprah… LOL that is amazing!! Hahaha. Frances


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