Hello little One, a Poem for Daughters (Day 12)


Hello little One.

I see you staring, surprised by hot iron curls.
Eyes sparkling blue at this new you.
In the mirror smiling as they say,
“You look so cute,” 
“She looks so cute.”
And you do.

But you always did.

How can I teach you little One. . . 
about the curls?

So that you might
Hold on tight 
to that thin space
the hard to pinch slice
where you end and the curls begin.

They are beautiful how they bounce.
And I love ’em.
But they’re not you, darlin’

So make a map to that place before,
to your Enough-ness–
Installed at the get-go.
Before you’re asked to supersize strip away wrinkles and make that shot and lose those pounds while getting that degree and smiling all the while. . .   
     so that you’ll finally be enough.

Funny thing how we always were.
Long before the curling iron heated up.
Just you.
Exquisite and grand and worth it.
And so enough, enough–

So let’s thank the Lord for the pretty curls, 
and say a deeper thanks for You.
‘Cause you could lose that hair someday little One
yet still radiate beautiful.
Don’t miss it.

So map back to that place
traveling through the right eyes,
the ones not selling
the ones loving
the ones seeing you-you.

No mirror needed.

And That changes everything–
reminds you you’re remarkable.
To sit in that Love,
quiet and daring
and know you’re enough
That’s the stuff.

‘Cause curls can get so big they’re blinding,
piled under work emails and 
task lists and 
enough-ness marathons, running 
          wonder where you went.

So be kind to yourself 
and trim the curls weighing you down,
the ones you can’t remember why you picked up in the first place.
They’ll be okay without you,
still just chugging along fine.

And as you snip, like a pair of turtledoves stirred from 
a lilt of drying brown Nebraska tall grass
–Whoosh and the world’s different–
Or back to the way it always was, lighter.

You’re still in there, sparkling like twinkle lights.
And it was that hard and that easy 
to remember
to pull your gaze
to grin and giggle
at how ridiculous and amazing all this is,
at how ridiculous and amazing you are,
doll’d up like a grown-up.
Beautiful from the start.

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