Just do the thing


 “The doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.” – Amy Pohler

Amy Pohler doens’t claim to be a Christian author, but I find myself wanting to hold up my hand and say, “Amen, sister.”  Like her, I’ve been guilty of over-analyzing and over-thinking well. . . most things.  I don’t seem to notice that when I over-plan and over-reflect on everything, I squeeze life juice right out, until my days look like some gray, dried up sponge.

At some point I’ve got to stop talking about and thinking about and analyzing it all, and lace up my Nikes (or whatever sensible shoes I’m wearing) and just do it.

How often are we guilty of talk, talk, talk without much do, do, do.  I am not suggesting works righteousness where we earn our way to heaven or climb the ladder to being good enough for God.  But what would it look like to live a life of action motivated by Christ, by thankfulness for the gift of faith?

What would it look like to finally just do the thing?

You know that thing I’m talking about.  The one thing that is just sitting there patiently waiting for you to do it.  Maybe it’s an e-mail to say I’m sorry, or a conversation where you really ask forgiveness, just showing up, or maybe it’s stopping to move a bit slower and respond to that need that is right in front of our eyes if we would have the courage to admit that we see it.  The admitting is hard because once we do, we have to act.

Law and Gospel.  Words and Actions.  What matters most?  Don’t get me wrong, I love words.  I’m a word girl, but sometimes words and thoughts are what we’re doing instead of doing the thing that God is calling us to do.  

God is like the best parent, attending to our every need and aiming to draw out and illumine what is best in us.  I don’t think God wants to break our will, but to help us learn to wield it.  It is with the gift of courage that we can each take the next tiny step.  It makes me smile remembering how fun it is to not know the ending of the best stories. 

Moving from talking to doing often requires an act of faith.  We can’t have faith if we have it all figured out. The good news is that no matter what way we turn or where we go, or the bad decisions we make, God promises to be with us.  You can be sure that no matter where you fall, you will also land in the outstretched arms of Jesus.

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