Stopping to say thanks for 2014

As I sit here at my green writing table, I can hardly wait for my fresh new, 2015 notebook. . . I geek-out on New Year’s resolution thinking, excited for the energy that comes with a fresh start.  It’s like I’m this penned-up dog ready for my owner to release the leash as I stand at this huge field of freshly fallen snow.

But it’s not 2015 just yet.

Before we jump ahead, let’s stop and look back.  Gratitude has a way of warming us up, rejuvenating us for what’s next.  The best way to speed up is to slow down first.

One practical help I found for zooming up and looking back is an annual examen prayer.  If you’ve got a little time, check it out–I sense you’ll be glad you did.  But if today is busy, you can still think a bit on the broad strokes of it:

  1. Looking back, what (and who) am I grateful for this year?
  2. Where have I felt true joy?
  3. What has challenged me?
  4. What has troubled me?
  5. When did I have time for renewal and pause?
  6. Have I noticed God in any of this?
  7. In light of all this. . . what is my response moving forward?

The pages in my 2015 notebook are blank, unknown. . . and yet I’m thankful, knowing that no matter what comes, all will be well (Julian of Norwich).

Cheers to all of it!  And happy new year.

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