Day 30: Happy Thanksgiving

“We don’t think ourselves into new ways of living.  
We live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” 

– Richard Rohr

My two-year-old daughter asked for milk.  I gave her milk.  She threw the milk on the floor.


I picked it up and asked her if she wanted the milk.  She said, yes, then thanks, then started looking around the room, dancing, listing everything she could see, quickly forgetting her little bout of anger.  “I’m thankful for milk.  Thankful for mommy.  Thankful for lamp.”  She went on and on, and I thought, how cute. . . a little gratitude party.  It reminded me of this devotion I’d read earlier in the week about gratitude being an action.  

And here we are 30-days later.  I’m thankful today for a lot of things, and that God dropped this sippy cup of an idea into my lap.  

I am like fist pumping right now that we made it.  Holy adventure.  Thirty days is a long time!  I’m amazed at the tenacity of people, at their willingness to jump in, knowing and trusting that it’s a process.  I’ve learned that if you’re willing to devote yourself to learning something, and if you trust that God’s grace is going to accomplish the part we can’t ourselves, that even the biggest visions don’t sound all that crazy.

So thanks.  It’s been such a gift.  

p.s. I am trying to “publish” this on my parent’s home dinosaur computer–they have an iPad, but I need the keyboard.  I’ve hit “publish” four times–so close to being done with this thing.  Arghhh (mad pirate voice).  Even now, when I feel like I should “get it,” God’s not done teaching me about gratitude.  God’s probably not done with you either.  I read somewhere that if you really think you’re spiritual, go and spend a weekend with your family, then see how you’re doing.  Hah!  So, cheers to that.  I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Dinosaur computers and all–there’s a lot to be thankful for.

Day 30 Challenge:
  • Choice 1: Tonight, and maybe many nights from now on, tuck your ten fingers under your pillow and count ten gratitudes before going to sleep.  
  • Choice 2:  Write yourself a future e-mail about what you’ve learned from #gratitudeparty at  Have it delivered a month or a year from today.
  • Choice 3: Do absolutely nothing.  You’re loved just the way you are.  Just marinate in that for a bit.  I bet you’ll find yourself giving thanks.
#750. Thinking about my next gratitude notebook.
Congratulations to Shawna for winning the pie.  Thanks to all who entered!

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