Day 11: When smiles only cost 49 cents

I’m grateful to my friend Kelli for sharing her words today about intentional gratitude notes.  This gal is one of my favorites.  Not only is she a fierce proponent of cardigan wearing (a cause I fully support), but she also volunteers with Junior Achievement and helps organize TedX Lincoln all while making the people around her more joyful just by being boldly herself.  #205 Just plain Kelli Britten.
* * *
I have always been obsessed with stationary.  I keep every card I ever receive.  Every.  Single.  Card.  Birthday cards, thank you cards, wedding invites, you name it. . . I probably still have it.  I like to think of it as “sentimental pack ratting.”  A verb obviously, because it is the act of saving love and smiles I’ve received.
I find myself reliving life through the handwriting of others.  When I get in the mood to organize, I have to stop short because thirty minutes later I find myself sitting, surrounded by envelopes and pictures.  Some make me laugh, still others bring me to tears because I know I will never get another piece with that beautiful penmanship.
Why do I save all these things?
The answer is always the same, because someone thought of me.  Each little envelope acknowledges that I played some role in another person’s life.  One day, I decided these stacks of note cards I had purchased should not just be pack ratted, but should instead be the beginning of a new conversation.
I began to write.  Picking the perfect note card for the perfect person just adds a little sunshine to their day, letting them know how important they are.  My writing of cards has gone beyond to congratulate individuals for feats I ran across on Facebook, to old professors and to new friends.  If the people around me are like me, I know a smile or hug in the mailbox will mean more than a retweet or Facebook like.
Regardless of our pasts, we just want someone to tell us we are uniquely magnificent.  We can all become day makers,showing gratitude to those around us for however they contribute to our lives.
Day 11 Challenge:  
  • Think of five people who deserve a note.  A note of love, laughter, congratulations, well wishes, you name it.  Take 10 minutes out of your day to make someone else’s.  

*This post is part of a 30-day gratitude challenge.  Subscribe via e-mail (at the left) or post a gratitude to WIN A FREE PIE HERE.

1 thought on “Day 11: When smiles only cost 49 cents”

  1. What a great reminder! Mom always bought blank note cards because \”your friends deserve your thoughts, not Hallmark's.\” She was the master of putting into one sentence words that would brighten anyone's day. Thank you for the challenge!


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