Day 9: Thanksgiving Chair

I always wondered who would marry my friend Sarah Meyer.

She’s a delightful mix of quirky intelligence, someone curious about the deep questions but still quick to goof around, hoping she’ll win the pie at the end of your 30-day gratitude challenge.  (If you haven’t yet, post a gratitude here to win!)  
Mr. Right for Sarah, turned out to be Mitchell Lyon.  This quirky-yet-intelligent guy responds to the deep questions by making films and digital media.  His company, Shift Worship, produced this video that gets at the heart of what #gratitudeparty is all about.  I am honored to share it with you and oober-excited for the short film that Mitchell and I made together that’s coming just a bit later in this challenge, so stay tuned.

Day 9 Challenge:
  • Watch the Thanksgiving Chair, and take your own inspired action. 

*This post is part of a 30-day gratitude party.  Subscribe via e-mail (on the left) or post a gratitude to WIN A PIE HERE.

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