five minute friday: belong

Seven women trek carpool cars to my house, as I straighten couch pillows just one more time. . . middle school mirror looking turned to house tidying.  Faces illumine my kitchen filled with a pot-luck patchwork feast.  Puzzle-piece dishes in artful proportion nourish laughs and kind questions that expand the eight chairs squeezed to fit the table.  Different editions of the same book wrinkle couch pillows, and I don’t notice as eyes point to one another, the TV invisible.  And we’re together.  And we each belong to the laughter and the conversation.  Wiping the counter and clearing silent plates, I soak in a prayer of thanks that leaves me and the dishwasher full, like normal, more blessed than I deserve.  Toothbrush in hand, middle school me looks back in the mirror.  I can’t help smiling at her, with voices echoing in my ears, the type of voices that give us courage: unique, yet not so different from our own.

  Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “five minute friday: belong”

  1. Hello Evi! My name is Samantha and I'm super excited that I get to connect with you today and encourage you :)Your post is SUCH an incredible example of belonging. It made me feel full as well and wishing I could be a part of your group of friends. It sounds like you have a special community of women to spend time with and grow together. You certainly are blessed and I was blessed today to read your thoughts 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


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